Colts 2-1 Bulwell

Saturday the team took on the might of Bulwell which is always a great game.
Due to illness and injures we had to play with just 8 players against the might of Carl’s bulwell with 4 subs,so up for a challenge we went.

1st Half

From the start the boys hit hard and fast but with a player down getting pushed back in our own half until with a swift counter attack and some classic short simple passing Honey found the back of the net!!! Catching Bulwell out and starting to crumble. Then few minutes later with more pressing playing from George and Ben put Shea in the right spot boom he only gets a goal!!!

Half time 2-0

2nd Half
With Samuel pulling off save after save and pressure at one end then the other Bulwell hit back but with Freddie/Kai/Cookie pushing ball out having Carl’s Bulwell team arguing between each other.but them Samuel comes out striker shoots Kai does an amazing diving arms out natural reaction save and gets sent off. Down to 7v9 and now facing a penalty we went to 2-1 with 17mins left. Bulwell getting frustrated bad tackles going in colts taking hit after hit never gave up. Ben picking an injury from a high kick along with Freddie the Ref finally to parents, coaches Glynn and Myself blew the final whistle!!!
Never been so proud of 8 players ever.

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