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Dear parents
Lowdham Colts is supporting subsidised GK training for its Goalkeepers again this season.
If you are interested in receiving specific GK training from Bill Bennett up at Calverton Miners Welfare please:
a) Confirm via e-mail back to me that your son/daughter wants to sign up to the first 6 week block of GK training and confirm which day/session they would like to attend please (see session options below)
b) I will then contact you separately with details of how to make the £42 payment for the six week block to cover your contribution towards the training costs. Lowdham Colts Football club makes up the difference.
Here is the detail.
The following slots are available and we are starting this coming Sunday.
We run the subsidised training on a block booking basis, so keepers are signing up to an initial six week block from w/b Sunday 10th Sept to w/b Sunday 15th October, and pay the cost of that full six week block regardless of whether you miss a week or not.
The price per GK is £7 per 2hr session, so over a 6 week block the cost equates to 6x£7 = £42.
Initially you would be signing up for the first six week block only. I will then come back to parents and team managers asking for sign up to the next block. For information and ease of reference, the details of the other 3 training blocks that will be run during this season are shown below:
w/b Sun 29th October to w/b 10th December (7weeks @£49).
w/b Sunday 7th Jan to w/b Sun 11th Feb (6weeks @£42)
w/b Sunday 25th Feb to w/b Sunday 25th March (5weeks @£35)
Happy for parents to contact me on the number below (evenings only please) or via return of e-mail with any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Ian Ellis
U14 Black Team Coach


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