Magnificent nine so close to nicking all 3 points

Friday night and a just a wee drop of Jura for Ramsey in the Reindeer sportsbar as he had to pick up Camsterazi from the bus stop. Saturday arrives and Ramsey as a result feels more sprightly than normal and fills up the Knoxybus with JC and the badboy Knox twins and drives off past the City Hospital to Basford for a game against Vernon on a bumpy pitch. The previous game between the teams had been a 5-4 defeat full of entertainment and drama.


The Saturday morning call offs were coming in thick and fast Jonno, Tobierski, Francisco and Dunners and so LC were down to ten starters with Arbuckloa having to leave at half-time looking ominous for the second half. Chazzer in goals, Camsterazi, JC, Arbuckloa at the back, Buchanzini, Redderski and Cotterillo in midfield and Frazola and G force in a 4-3-2 formation.


Bizarrely with 10 men LC dominated the first half with a fierce Frazola volley turned away by the keeper then Cotterillo a whisker wide with his left foot and then Buchanzini volleying one after a smart passing interchange and again the Vernon keeper a quality act. In between 3 or 4 LC corners with the final touch just alluding them. When required Chazzers looking assured in the LC goal.


With Arbuckloa off to work at half-time this was going to be a monumental task for LC second half. After discussion with the troops LC worked out a formation for 9 men, namely 4-3-1 with G force dropping back in midfield and Cotterillo in the back 4. The second half was more even than the first with LC still managing to carve out some openings of their own but increasingly being under the cosh as the half wore on and Chazzer being called into action time and time again but being up to the task.


Another Frazola volley saved and then a left foot shot wide and long range efforts from JC kept out then LC look as if they might get the winner with Shaymar and Frazola linking well before a last minute interception saves the day. With time slowly moving on Vernon’s efforts got more and more frantic and Ramsey starts to believe maybe we can get something out of the game. Then 3 to go and Camsterazi bursts forward and plays in his brother but a last ditch tackle stops him. Last effort for LC a minute later with JC bursting down the left but the ball bobbling as he was about to pull the trigger.


0-0 it finished but it seemed like a 6-0 win in the circumstances. Shaymar MOM but all 10 first half and nine second half players heroes to a man, working their socks off and covering for each other in a gargantuan way. A week without a game now and then Newark at home. You reds!

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