Lowdham Colts Football Club –Outline Planning Permission

Lowdham Colts Football Club wish to inform and canvass your support in favour of our application for outline planning permission to develop an area of land behind the John Harrison garage in

Lowdham Colts Football Club was established in 1997 with one team playing on Lowdham playing fields.

Over the last 22 years the club has grown significantly, providing enjoyable football to thousands of young boys and girls from Lowdham and its surrounding villages and is now firmly established within the local community.

The club now has 25 teams with over 300 boys and girls aged 5 – 18 regularly playing football.

We currently play at five grounds in Lowdham, Caythorpe, Gunthorpe and Epperstone.

It has been our long term aim to provide a local and permanent base for our football club.

We wish to develop land to provide a clubhouse, football and training pitches, creating a first class facility for our ever growing number of football teams.

We are now preparing to share our plans and will be asking for feedback from local residents. To facilitate this we will be organising an open evening in the near future. Ahead of this event we welcome initial questions and comments via email: planning@lowdhamcolts.info

These are exciting times for Lowdham and the Football Club and we look forward to receiving your support.

Shaun Finn

FAQ’s – Proposed Planning Application

Q. How will the new development affect drainage and flooding risk around the area?
A. We are confident that implementing a new drainage system around the facility, that channels excess water efficiently, will be greatly beneficial to the surrounding area.

Q. Will the facility cause parking issues in the immediate area?
A. A discreet and screened facility car park will ensure that there is sufficient parking for all that attend the venue. We also believe that due to the locality of the venue more people will walk/cycle to matches/training, decreasing traffic flow and having a positive effect on the environment.

Q. I’m concerned about noise from the facility. How will this be controlled?
A. There will be a natural hedge boundary and buffer zone between pitches and housing, and use will be within set times/days.

Q. What impact will there be on Southwell Road traffic?
A. We are proposing an extension of the 30mph zone to Gonalston Farm Shop, which will improve road safety and reduce traffic noise/pollution in the area. The Club will promote walking, cycling, car sharing, and public transport, to minimise car use.

Q. Can I have a say in the project?
A. We’re planning consultation meetings, and are keen to incorporate ideas and adapt to comments.

Q. How will the project be funded
A. The football club has already started a fundraising campaign and will be applying for grants from the Football Association, The Football Foundation, Sport for England as well as local authority and businesses.

Q. What facilities are planned
A. The outline planning application is for 8 football pitches, parking and a clubhouse. Full details can be
found at:

The planning application documents can be found at: