Reds start living the tangerine dream

Friday night and a wee tour of the highlands and islands for Ramsey and DJ before being safely tucked up in bed before the cup duties of the following day. Saturday morning and Ramsey puts up the nets at Gunthorpe while Dave Johnson marks the pitch. After filling the rabbit holes with mole hill soil thus preserving the ecosystem and preventing broken ankles LC welcome West Bridgford Foxes.


LC are down to the bare bones with 3 players still injured and 3 at University open days and 11 of the best was all LC had on the day. Still 11 is fine if you don’t have any injuries but Adamola was not feeling 100% and so it was all in the lap of the football gods who for the first time this season smiled upon LC.


The King in goals, Camsterazi, JC, Arbuckloa and Adamola at the back, Redderski and Shaymar anchoring midfield with Buchanzini, Cotterillo and G force further forward with Big W up top. LC started the brighter creating a couple of early chances before JC took a free kick 45 yards out and wellied it into the top corner 1-0. The remainder of the half had LC slightly on top but unable to get a second and unlucky not to get a penalty when Buchanzini is brought down in the box.


Second half and WB start to look stronger passing the ball about well with strong runs forward from midfield but LC holding firm. Then with 15 to go having weathered the storm LC get a free kick on the right, G force dinks it in and Buchanzini powers home a header for 2-0. The momentum changes and LC now well on top with G force getting number 3 after a Redderski, Buchanzini interchange and almost getting a 4th when put through but blasting over.


WB kept plugging away and got the consolation goal they deserved with a powerful header from a corner with a couple of minutes to go. Great result for LC sets up a game with Carlton Town in the next round. Adamola MOM for a great effort when under the weather and no-one would have guessed he wasn’t 100% fit but all 11 put in a shift with Buchanzini and Redderski close behind. The King assured in goals, Camsterazi, Arbuckloa and JC tenacious, Shaymar doing a great job on the opposition’s midfield dynamo. Cotterillo, G force and Big W creating mayhem going forward. The future is bright. The future is Tangerine. You Reds!

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