Terrors bury the Trowell hoodoo with an extra large spade

Friday night and the Reindeer Sports bar is unusually bustling with Batesy joining DJ and Ramsey to partake in the sacred waters of the glens. A missed call from Ant Beaumont to say maybe no ref on Saturday was an interesting twist to the night. As the last samosa went down the hatch it was off on a chilly walk back to base and a lie in on Saturday before rising to pack the knoxybus for the trip to Trowell, a place where LC had never won and had some of the worst luck and weather over the years.


Saturday morning and off to Newark to pick up Redders whose mum is topping up her tan in Dubai, then packing up the bus with balls, JC, Wiggo , Cam and Frazola and off to Pit Lane with a sunny day turning decidedly cold and windy. LC had a bumper squad of 14 and a selection headache for Ramsey with all 14 staking a claim for a starting berth. LC lined up with the King in goals, Camsterazi, Francisco, JC and Arbuckloa at the back, Redderski and Cotterillo in front, Buchanzini, Shaylor and G force as the 3 and Dunners up top. Shaymar, Jonno and Big W on an impressive bench.


LC straight out the blocks and 2 on the clock when Dunners is slipped in 1 on 1 and a cool finish for 1-0. LC stutter a bit for the next 15 with Trowell knocking it about well and getting an equalizer they deserve from the penalty spot. LC crank it up again and when Cotterillo powers through and is scythed he gets up, dusts himself down and strikes the perfect free kick from 30 yards into the top corner. LC try hard but can’t get the third before half-time with Trowell working the wings well on the break. HT 2-1 to LC.


Start of the second half and Trowell working hard to get on level terms with Shaymar on for LC but the king and the defence standing firm. Then after a series of LC attacks and corners, Joe Shaylor nets from 10 yards for 3-1 to LC and the game over as a contest with LC in their tangerine strips putting on the sort of show that Ramsey was hoping for. Jonno on and striking the ball around sublimely and wiggo looking a real menace up top. Buchy who had run about a thousand miles got the goal he deserved for 4-1 and then Cotterillo after a 10 minute breather came back on to get number 5 and 6.


Buchy then looked to have timed his run from deep to perfection for number 7 before Big W looked to have sprung the offside trap to perfection for number 8 although both narrowly chalked off for offside. G force unlucky with a couple of great strikes as well. Pit Lane has been the pits for LC over the years so how satisfying in Ramsey’s last year to have buried the Trowell hoodoo with a very large spade. Everyone superb. MOM Cotterillo but nothing to choose between him and buchy and all 14 superb. With the other tangerines winning 4-1 at queen of the south it was like a trip back to the Jim MacLean Years. You tangerine terrors! You reds!

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