Too many changes means we weren’t at the races

Too many changes means we weren’t at the races


Firstly I have to say that Sherwood are a very good team with some excellent players and this meant we had to be at our best……unfortunately for us, we weren’t.


Throughout the game we showed little pieces of what we normally play like, but that was nowhere near enough. The boys looked slightly lacklustre , out of sorts….tired. I their defence I made too many changes which took out the fluidity of their normal play.


But let’s look at the positives….


1. It’s another game under their belt 2. It’s a wakeup call 3. In parts the passing was good 4. Despite conceding five goals our heads never dropped. 5 . All the boys had a smile at the end. 6. Mark bought me a coffee. 7. The Barmy Army never stopped encouraging. 8. A defeat means nothing to us. 9. Ethan and Joe got their new tracksuits. 10. There is always next week.


Ben, Owen and Eesa had good games and Ben deservedly got the MOTM for the colts.


Chin up boys!


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