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T&T Update – Covid19

Morning all, so here is the update on the T&T:
We MUST now use both the NHS QR and evePass QR track and trace systems.
This means that anyone (coaches, parents , guardians and opposition visitors) wishing to attend the venue(s) will have scan both QR codes on arrival. This is a mandate from the FA.
The NHS QR will notify people if they are at risk. EvePass is allows the club to keep a record of visitors, which is a requirement of the FA (Data will be deleted after 1 month).
Teams (coaches and spectators) MUST use the QR codes at training and matches. People not using the QR codes MUST be asked to leave.
I know some of you may think this is quite draconian, but it really is the best chance we have of our kids continuing to play grassroots football. We hope everyone understands this and is fully onboard.
You Colts!

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