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U10 Rossoneri v Long Eaton U11

?⚽️Simply Sensational Start to the Season⚽️?

Proud, relieved, nervous, worried, calm, excited, impressed, amazed, soaked, content and entertained……..

I really didn’t know what to expect today with our step into the unknown of U11 football. Pete and I weren’t even sure what formation to play or which boys suit which position (and that’s despite a couple of hours in the 4 Bells with the tactics board on Thursday night ???). However what we did agree on was the formation we tried today and that we would let’s the boys play, so that we could watch and learn…….

So onto the match with 12 amazingly calm but excited boys……..

The opposition were physically bigger and I feared the worse, but for most of the match this didn’t deter our boys, if anything our boys made their presence felt just as strongly ??

We were awesome! Taking control from the kick off our boys passed the ball around very well, dominating possession and on occasion where we lost the ball, they quickly worked hard to get it back ??

By half time our boys were comfortably 3-0 up with well taken goals from Ewan, George and Noah. All boys had played well including our fortress at the back of Sam, Will and Jake.

Onto the second half…….

I put out a very different starting 9 and also switched a few boys positions. Whilst this allowed the other team a bit more possession, our boys were still in control and with it came more goals. Further changes in the second half allowed me to switch a few more boys around to see how they cope in different positions and if anything we got stronger and stronger.

Ewan, Noah and George all scored again in the second half to round off an excellent performance.

As mentioned Sam, Will, Jake and a Jude (when needed) shone defensively. As a team we looked strong here today, Will absolutely foot perfect and didn’t miss one pass or tackle. Jake showed an excellent touch today, calm at all times, lovely distribution and worked well with Will and the central midfielders. Sam when needed was perfect, as always great distribution and importantly he watches and reads the game in front of him so well.

Noah, Brad, Jude, Fin, Ewan and Jailen were strong when in midfield, for large sections of the game in total control. Noah, Fin and Jude in their “normal” positions were awesome, providing a back bone for the team. Some amazing play at times with great distribution, but also good positional play, they ensured we moved forward as a unit. Noah was awesome, as were his goals…….Brad slotted in very well centrally and continues to impress with his flexibility to play anywhere, he passes so well and was brave today after taking a couple of knocks for his efforts. Jailen impressed again, great touch on the ball and impressed me with his decision making on when to pass and when to run with the ball, his hard work was rewarded with two great goal assists. Ewan worked so hard, linked up well, passed well, made goals and scored them! Enough said.

Special mention for Diego, it was his first proper game for us and he did so well. Cool and calm at the back but came into his own in midfield, he has a great touch and will continue to improve with us. Well done Diego.

George, Ewan and Taylor worked hard up front, George absolutely relishes this position and again showed a great touch to turn a defender and scurry away to score – twice ??. Ewan never scores a bad goal, his first was two touches, the first to lob the Keeper, the second to go around him and tap it in. Taylor hasn’t played a competitive game of football for over 3 months and only returned to training after injury last week. Great work rate but importantly was nice to see him passing so well to keep moves going.

Man of the Match – Fin ?⚽️?

Brilliant display in midfield and gone up a level with some solid distribution today…..awesome??

Quote from the Ref – “Wow what a talented team you have there, they will do well this season”

Quote from the opposition Manager – “My team just never got going……….your boys were everywhere and just stopped us from playing”

In case any of you didn’t notice, we only played 50 minutes ?, the ref thought it was 50 not 60….

Thank you parents for your brilliant support in the driving rain and for Mark for being linesman.

I know there will be tougher days ahead, but we couldn’t have asked for a better start.

You Super Colts!!!!!!

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