U9 Red v’s Vernon Match Report

?⚽️Character Building⚽️?

Sometimes you can’t play the pretty football we practice. Sometimes you have to play the opposition at their own game.

It’s fair to say that the opposition Vernon were very physical and with this the game became very scrappy.

To the credit of our boys we gave as good as we got and if anything won the “physical challenge”, not that I condone this but it’s the way the game was played and what the referee allowed.

The differences in the game between the two teams were;

We were stronger defensively

We looked more likely to score going forward

Their Keeper made a string of superb saves

Our boys (not Managers ?), just about kept their heads.

We started the game really well with an immediate attack. Our boys kept the pressure on and came close a couple of times. We were awarded a free kick from just outside their box mid way through the first half. The resultant shot beat the keeper but was brilliantly saved on the line by their defender with both hands. A big shout of hand ball / penalty went up and the referee rightly pointed to the spot. Jude stepped up and smashed the ball into the top right corner to give us a deserved 1-0 lead.

The game carried on in the same vein, scrappy but with Our boys looking stronger going forward, we were rewarded again when a knock forward from Fin was not cleared by either their defender or keeper and Ewan pounced between the two (pressure pays ???), and looked up and passed the ball through to Noah, who had ran through from the wing to brilliantly finish with a shot into the back of the net! 2-0 Super Colts

With only a couple of minutes left to half time we gave away a free kick just past the half way line. The Vernon midfielder launched the ball into our box, it missed everyone bar their Striker who was hanging at the back, the ball connected with his foot and flew nicely into the bottom corner, there was nothing Sam could do to stop it and was their first shot on target.

Half time 2-1

The second half started similarly to the first. Again we looked strong at the back and dangerous going forward. The match was still scrappy and physical in the middle but despite this we had another great chance. A one on one with the keeper who made a brilliant save to keep Vernon in the game. We then followed up with a couple more shots but again the keeper did really well to stop them going in.

In the last 10 minutes Vernon applied lots of pressure to try and get an equaliser, but again our defence was more than a match with Fin and Kai getting back to help Sam, Jude and Will. Vernon weren’t able to get a close shot at goal despite their pressure and right near the end we nearly scored another with Fin putting a cracking ball through to Ewan who was again thwarted brilliantly by their Keeper when one on one.

The game ended after a tense finish but Lowdham were value for the win, if not for their Keeper it would have been a lot more comfortable.

The boys learned a lot in this game and showed that they can adapt to other teams styles and physicality. Whilst not pretty our boys played Vernon at their own game and came out on top. It takes great character to do this and is another step on how well they develop and learn.

All boys ran their socks off.

A few special mentions;

Sam – brilliant and quick distribution

Fin – an engine and a half in midfield who got kicked all over the place but never gave up. As we were out of shape it often left him battling alone, but he did well and we’ll work on this.

Taylor – continues to develop on the wing, did well ?

Ewan and Noah – fast feet, strength and presence up front

Will and Jude – rocks at the back and pushing forward, Jude was kicked to pieces as well – bruises everywhere and have to mention he had “bleeding toes” when I stripped his socks off when getting home. He was hurting during the game as I think he must have been stamped on (not malicious though), but soldiered on.

Kai – playing out wide but defending when needed, working hard for position on midfield and gave as good as he got with a “tenacious” opponent. Another week on top of previous weeks of solid performances earned him our man of the match award ?⚽️?

Our Training Star award this week went to Ewan again. He sets the standard among the boys on listening and learning in training and then putting it into practice on the field. He has been working really hard on keeping his head up and looking for players around him. Also to pass and move when under pressure from other players. He did this very well on Saturday. ?⚽️?

Another game, another big learning curve achieved.

Well done boys……,,

Thanks as always to the parents and supporters and thanks for the fatherly advice ?

You super colts!!!!

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