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u9 Red

?⚽️Team, Team, Team = Rewards⚽️?

With our Super keeper Sam “Neuer” away skiing in Italy for two Saturdays we knew we would have to be brilliant in defence to protect whoever went in goal for us on Saturday. With only 7 players for our next two games and no keeper, Ben offered to join the Reds for a couple of weeks ????? (we only just made the transfer deadline as we had to negotiate a record fee for him to move from the Blacks ???). At training Pete asked the boys for volunteers to go in goal (something none of them have had to do for a long time) and fortunately 4 of our boys put themselves forward for the team, well done boys;

Taylor ?
Ewan ?
Jude ?
Ben ?

Before the game I told ALL of the boys that at some point I may ask them to go in goal if needed to help the team, none of them said no ???

I started the game with Ewan in goal and Ben at the back with Will dropped just in front of him, essentially the equivalent of Mount Everest in front of goal ?, we then had Fin, Noah and Jude in the middle and Kai up front. Let’s just say that for the first 12.5 minutes the other team barely touched the ball such was the great play between our boys. All that was missing was our touch in front of goal. After the first quarter I swapped Ewan in goal for Taylor and then alternated them through the game. The first half continued with some fantastic play from our boys, working incredibly hard in the snowy conditions and despite having many chances just couldn’t beat their very good keeper.

After around 20 minutes we got our very much deserved first goal, Noah put the ball through to Fin, who threaded it through to Jude, he knocked it to the left of a defender, looked up and hit a cracker into the top of the net from a good 12 yards out. It was the least the boys deserved.

In the half time talk I told the boys how well they were playing and to just carry on doing the same, we were passing so well and doing an incredible job protecting our goalkeepers ?

In the second half the boys carried on and if anything were even more dominant. With this in mind I took the opportunity to move the boys around a bit to gain experience. For example Will got to go on the right wing (he was just awesome ??).

With all boys playing well it was only a matter of time before we’d score again such was the dominance. Fin linked up with Ewan to put Noah through on the left side, in almost a mirror image of Jude’s goal he side stepped the defender to his left and unleashed an absolute peach of a shot looping over the keeper into the back of the net ⚽️, in true Premiership Manager style I was celebrating as soon as he hit it as I knew exactly where it was going. We rounded off the scoring after Fin who had absolutely bossed the centre of midfield earned a free kick, as it suited a left footer then Jude stepped up to take it even though Fin wanted it, he graciously let his team mate take it and it paid off with a powerful shot flying over their defence into the net, it was great to see Fin and Jude high five each other for the goal -team, team, team?? . Just 3-0 but the scoreline flattering the opposition………..

A massive thanks to Ben for his contribution, he linked up superbly well with Will in defence and let nothing by him. His passing forward and pace were excellent and having Ben in defence and defensive mid allowed me to selfishly move most of the other boys around. Will also was superb with Ben at the back and did well in defensive mid. He also had a quarter on the right wing and was fantastic!!! Both combined did a great job to limit the opposition to just one shot on goal. Outstanding!

Taylor and Ewan should be proud that they put themselves in goal to help the team. They both did great with Ewan making one fantastic save (I honestly thought the shot was going in when Ewan flew across the goal to not only stop the shot going in, but actually catch it ??). They both distributed well and did great when playing outfield in left and right wing as well as forward.

Noah had a fabulous game, worked incredibly hard, passed accurately with Fin and Kai and scored a stunning goal, ⚽️, for his improved work rate and improved show strength he earned our man of the match ⚽️??

Fin was outstanding again. He dominated the centre of midfield. With fast feet, sublime skills, quick passing and incredible work rate the opposition must have been glad to hear the final whistle?. Brilliant!

Kai had an improved performance really focussing more on passing and moving, this worked well and he linked up well with the midfielders and forwards. Listening and Learning to improve are key attributes to development and this earned him our Training Star of the week award ?⚽️?

Jude got stronger as the game went on. After looking a little lost at the start on the Right wing for the first time, he soon got up to speed. He worked hard in midfield linking up well with Fin and also when dropped into defence with Ben. He also has a sweet left foot, enough said ? ⚽️⚽️.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous before the game without our Super Sam, but yet again our boys really stepped up as a Team, worked hard as a Team and importantly at this young age adapted to change as a Team………they more than earned their Rewards……

Match fact – all 3 goals scored from outside the box with a Left foot……

Thanks to our Super parents for braving the weather and cheering them on.

You Super Colts……..

U9 Black

Today’s game saw Hucknall Sports Reds take on Lowdham Colts Blacks in a friendly at Caythorpe in a snowstorm to start ???

The first half saw Hucknall Reds take an early lead and we managed to loose Owen straight after through injury, so an early substitution was required and a reshuffle around at the back was needed. Unfortunately we lost our shape a bit and Hucknall Reds spotted this and capitalised on this and got a quick second goal.

Lowdham tried to work the ball around the pitch with some passes and movement but Hucknall again pressed us hard and grabbed another goal, then and a mix up at the back handed them a 4th then a 5th! Our heads were down and the ref blew for half time… what happened then, we all asked ourselves…?

The boys actually had a 2 minute team talk between themselves about what had just happened and I think they were just as shocked at themselves at their 1st half performance as everyone else was…?

We had a chat amongst ourselves and identified areas on the pitch which needed addressing. Things like holding our positions better on the pitch, tracking back, working for one another and better passing!

Well… what a fantastic turn around!

The 2nd half performance from every player was right up there! Everyone on the pitch put the effort in, passed the ball around well, never gave up on the ball, marked a man, tracked back and defended as a team… everything what us Lowdham Colts know what to do!

All this gave us a well deserved ‘team goal’ which was on the cards in coming and their keeper had a very busy 2nd half with the amount of pressure we put on their goal and credit to him at just letting the one passed! At one point their manager came over to me and said ‘I’m not sure what you said to them at half time but there like a different side…!’

What a great bunch of boys we have, they never gave up on the game and all had a smile on their faces at the end?

We’ll go again another day and we’ll keep working hard in training.

Thanks to Darren for helping me out today and the world famous Barmy Army for your great support as always!

Who are we…?

Lowdham Colts

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